Tears cry.. (A prophecy of Jack)

Red blood flows through thin crevices..Hearts spill..

As pain cries out..

The only sound that could be heard is the sound of forsaken…

There’s an ode coming into existence..

For what sprang forth this expression..
The spirits cry out.. And there is a hunger for more.. We can no longer be restrained as we embark upon a new echelon..The thirst for the real is overwhelming.. An unbridled truth that sustains souls…

They ask, who will save us?

They will not be saved.. Those who can be saved will save themselves.. That’s precisely why their souls cry out..

It’s painful leaving all you know behind.. Knowing you can’t save them.. It’s even more painful seeing all your hope escape your grasp.. What is left but to be swallowed up..

Maybe if I can become machine I can sustain some semblance? Perhaps I can go back and somehow change it all.. Save myself, us.. Because after all.. Do not we deserve to live just as much?

Fate opposes.. And would have it no less.. Destroyers eventually become destroyed.. As the creators move on to create again.. Do not fret.. And do not seek to absolve yourself of destiny… Fear not.. That which you delight in most shall be your undoing..

Crimson tears will flow like rivers..

And we will not look back.. Only forward.. To the next echelon..

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